At Fisheteria, we only serve the freshest fresh. Which is why we don't serve "freshly caught" sea fish?

Surprised? Confused? Sorry to burst your bubble but sea-caught fish stays fresh only for a few hours. By the time it reaches your plate, it has died many deaths. Like lying neglected on an unwashed trawler deck for nearly 48 hours exposed to the harsh saline environment, and pecked at by birds looking for a free lunch. You really want to eat that?

Freshly caught seafood is not as fresh as you think. But frozen seafood is fresher than you can imagine! And that's simply because we treat our fish and shrimp like we treat our customers. With utmost tender loving care.

We pamper our fish in specially controlled farms to ensure that their health lives up to our standards. The waters are cleaner which keeps them disease-free. A 100% natural probiotics diet (no artificial chemicals or growth hormones for us) pumps up their fitness quotient and helps retain their plump, full-bodied flavour. Healthier nutrition for the fish means healthier you.

Once they're ready to be harvested, they're in the factory in just 20 minutes and instantly frozen in less than another 20 minutes under stringent hygienic, hi-tech but humane conditions. In return, the fish extend their gratitude by giving us a plump, full-bodied freshness you can taste, whether they're marinated, breaded or skewered! Even better, you get to enjoy the delicious fresh taste all year through, even during the monsoons.

Still think frozen isn't fresh?