A class upbringing. A health-conscious, natural, probiotic diet. Impeccable hygiene. Do our prawns come from a finishing school? Well, our farms in the Gulf of Cambay are no less. Which is why we swell with pride when our prawns grace the finest tables in Europe, Japan, Australia, and yours. Any artificial chemicals or growth hormones are a complete no-no, to give you a filling flavour and taste that is...


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What you're tucking into right now, is some of the worlds best seafood that is exclusive to five star and fine dining restaurants. We use only Basa fish imported from Vietnam and Tiger Prawns specially cultivated in our own farms in the Gulf of Cambay, which are immediately frozen to preserve the natural freshness and taste. Toss in the finest of ingredients and some mouth-watering recipes, and you get an irresistible menu that is truly international and exceptional. So that you always get...

You are what you eat. It's the same with our seafood. They are grown on a diet that is purely probiotic and natural. The superior feed keeps them strong and healthy and helps retain their natural flavour. Healthy ingredients mean, a strong and healthy you!